Recent and Forthcoming Events


Just Gone

A super walk on June 9th ably led by Carolyn and Louise as a figure of 8 around Midhurst (see picture,left). Then Some very soggy weather on June 16th out of Warnham with Jeff Reading at the helm, apparently it improved in the afternoon !

8 doughty walkers and 2 visitors ventured over to Itford for a 16 miler with Mary Mulligan up front, a minor injury to Ian Streeter was reported but all was well !  


Coming Up Soon

Thursday June 27th - Croquet Evening at Sussex County Croquet Club in Southwick. 22 names so far, if it's as good as last year we're in for a treat !

Waterfall near Friday Street, March 10

Next Walk


Sunday June 30th begins at Seaford with David Green in charge, then it's over to Kent in early July as Frank Harvey takes the lead.

Then, talk about County hopping, we're off to the Surrey Hills with Jane Waugh